Cross Florida 2017: Epic Ride

Cross Florida is no joke. It was a tough day out there for this Mountain Biker. My plan to hide as long as possible went out the window when the lead group of 200+ riders accelerated up to 29mph+ at mile 20 and someone in front of us let out a gap which we couldn’t close. The rest of the day it was a group of less than 20 of us, averaged about 22mph until lunchtime at mile 100, then the heat started getting to some of us (me) and they backed it off a bit to finish at ~20mph average. Finished 168 miles in 8:03 moving time. Temps in the 90’s made it tough but the TCCA crew had my back all day.

Those TCCA guys (Kirk Wilstermann, Gary Lee Jenkins, Jason Barbieri, Mike Montgomery, Bryan Liles, et al) helped keep me in it when I wanted to mail it in, great sag support, couldn’t have done it without them. To be fair, I never would have done it if they didn’t talk me into it, so it’s probably all their fault anyways. Legs felt good overall, the heat just hurt, all that MTB training with Freddy Viera paid off for sure, heck of a way to get in my first Century ride.

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