2017 FSC Makeup Amelia

Last weekend I got a chance to ride & race at Amelia for the first time for the FSC Makeup race / Coconut Cup #3.  Since I had never been there before and Endurance Season is coming up, I decided to put in a few extra laps on Saturday to get some seat time in and learn the course.  I’m definitely glad I did, the course was built by a single speeder and it definitely rewarded smooth lines and staying off the brakes.

After doing 5 recon laps with some of my friends, I felt ready to line up the next day and give it a go on the Singlespeed.  Knowing this course was SS-friendly, I expected to see more Singlespeeders at the line.  Sure enough, there was nearly a dozen of us there which was awesome to see.  Some real pros and fast dudes came out to battle it out and I knew it was going to be a fast day.  Out of the gate I hammered as hard as I could to get the hole shot.  I ended up burning matches a bit early with that, and went into the woods about 4th place.  Watching the fast dudes ride away, I settled into a rhythm and just enjoyed the day.  I had a couple more guys pass me, and then I passed a couple, though It’s sometimes hard to tell with other groups coming through that started later.
The course had a few corners that were right by some grand stands so it was really awesome to hear the crowd cheer as you ripped around berms and up steep climbs. I was hanging with Eric Cohen who I’d raced with the last few races and we were both close, but I made a little mistake and hit a root right as a big group was coming by.  I let them by and dropped 30 seconds right there. The bike was a little loose and I just tried to settle in for the last lap and a half to finish strong.  I was able to shave a little time off my last lap, crossing the line in 7th place overall.  Not the best result for sure, but I had fun and got some good training miles in for the Club Scrub Challenge Series Endurance race Dec 17th at Jonathan Dickinson State Park (and the Florida Endurance Series too).
Sitting at the BikeMinded tent afterwards, we heard a hissing noise coming from my bike.  Figuring I’d picked up a thorn at some point in the race, upon closer inspection I actually noticed the carbon rim had failed at the valve hole.  These Chinese Carbon wheels have over 6000 miles on them between 2 different bikes, and this is the first time there’s been any issue.  But man was it a catastrophic failure, at least I was able to finish the race.  After the abuse I’ve put these through, I’ll have no problem ordering another rim from the same company to lace up to this hub again.
We stayed around a bit and cheered some of our friends still racing, and got to see so many familiar faces out there and on the podium.  It was really cool to go visit a new trail and see what else there is out there.  This coming weekend is the FSC finale at Ocala, and you know it’s going to be EPIC.  Looks like I’ll be bringing the Top Fuel out of retirement and race with gears, so that’ll be interesting….

Jemma was excited to catch you guys getting so much air this time in the photos, you’re gonna love these! We really hope you enjoy them, check out the full FSC Amelia gallery and sneak peek below!

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